What We Do

Education and Formation

The Education and Formation unit addresses the pressing needs of individuals, groups, communities, and organizations. It promotes awareness of safeguarding issues, fosters appreciation for them, and identifies areas for growth and timely response. 

Our Education and Formation program offers two distinct approaches: the Academic Formation Program, which includes credited courses from a Pontifical School, and the Non-Academic Formation Program, designed for short-term, competency-focused learning.

Consultancy and Accompaniment

Our Consultancy and Accompaniment provides specialized CSI services aimed at assisting individuals, groups, and organizations with their unique safeguarding requirements. 

Safeguarding Research and Reflection

Safeguarding Research is an essential part of the prevention of abuse and protection of minors and vulnerable adults. By contributing to the scientific field of studies, it enables learning, growth, and the development of effective responses to abuse cases.

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice is a strategic initiative aimed at creating a network of practitioners who can effectively address the safeguarding needs in the Asia Pacific region. 

Ecclesial Relations

CSI collaborates with the existing church structures by supporting and complementing ongoing efforts of the local churches.